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The Audio Doctors is an innovative and unique service catered to the Online Content Creator.


We have over 15 years of experience in the Audio industry, and have developed a process to drastically improve your audio quality by removing unwanted background noises, and isolating your voice to sound crystal clear.


We want to save you time so you can focus on your content, while leaving the Audio to Us! Skeptical? Take a listen to our Before and After Audio examples.

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How It Works


Select your audio length PACKAGE. Make payment via Paypal or Credit Card. *For projects longer than 30 mins please contact us.


Within one hour you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to submit your file.


Sit back and relax! We will start working on your order and send the edited High Quality Wav file back to you once complete!


Our Packages

*Welcome Introductory Rates shown. These rates are for a Limited Time Only!


What Our Clients Say

''The Audio Doctors truly amazed me by how they improved my Audio! The before and after was a drastic change! This service was easy to use and invaluable for my YouTube channel. Thank you so much!!'' ★★★★★

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really enhance my audio even if it was recorded badly?

Yes! We can improve practically any audio file we receive, however please keep in mind that results vary. The better the raw audio was recorded, the more we can improve it to sound better. The more damaged the audio file is, the less we will be able to enhance it. * Please take a listen to our before and after audio examples to get an idea of what a preferable ''Before audio file'' should sound like in order to achieve the best results.

What if you are unable to fix my audio?

Before we begin your project, we will evaluate your audio to determine the extent in which we can repair it. We will let you know if we have any issues. *Please note: Results may vary based on the intricacy of each project. However, we are able to significantly minimize background noises and distortion using the most accurate methods to create the highest quality of audio for you. * In very rare cases, the audio may be unfixable. In this situation we would issue you a full refund. (Unfixable audio can occur when the background noise/ambiance exceeds 3Xs the talking voice level.)

How do you fix my Audio?

The Audio Doctors have devloped a unique process combining both hardware and software techniques to achieve our results. Our combination of analog equipment and software has taken us time to perfect and develop. We are confident that we can help anyone who requires Audio Repair!

What type of file should I send to you for Mastering my song?

We prefer that you send us a Wav file instead of an MP3. The Wav file allows us to master at the highest quality possible. For ideal Mastering results, we would prefer Wav files to be 24 bit / 48 KHZ format. However, If you are unable to send to the specification mentioned, don't worry. We can master your song as long as you send a Wav file. Secondly, we ask that you remove all plugins from the master channel before exporting your final mix Wav, and make sure to leave at least (minus) -6DB of headroom for best results. *Please remember that the master quality depends on the final mix quality you send to us. If your final mix is too loud, it will affect our ability to master at the highest level. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Do I have a choice to remove some of my background noise, or to have it removed completely?

Yes, you do! Please specify how present you would like your background noise or ambiance to be. Some of our clients prefer to leave some background noise in their audio clip to keep the natural ambiance sound. However, other clients like for us to completely isolate the audio leaving no background noise in the file. Both options are available to accommodate your needs! We can adjust the intensity of the background noise depending on your preference.

What services are included when you fix my Audio?

You will receive an evaluation identifying the issues that we can resolve. Afterwards, we will repair your audio by:

1) Completely eliminating unwanted background noises.

2) Removing distortion and minimizing reverberation from audio recordings.

* Most audio recorded outside a professional environment will contain unwanted hisses, hums, distortion, ambiance noises, or even worse, the awful “Shhh” WIND sound embedded in your audio! Don't worry. The next time you finish recording, send us your audio files, and we will fix it!

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